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Battery Tec can supply batteries and charges for all your motorbike needs. We cater for all types of bikes from farm bikes, racing bikes to all-terrain vehicles. If you need a battery solution for your bike please let us help you.

Our Products/Systems

  • Pulse crank small profile & big crank for modified bikes
  • Agricultural high preforming American made batteries
  • Harley to Honda and classic bike batteries
  • Battery chargers and maintainers

Made For

  • Racing
  • Show Bikes
  • Modified Bikes
  • 4 Wheelers
  • Buggies
  • ATV Side by side
  • Classic Bikes
  • Work Bikes

Our Services Include

  • Diagnostic and Fault Finding
  • Supply & Install
  • We can search a profile and try and match the CCA and RC of the battery for custom fits

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is my battery flat?

Most motorbikes have a stand by current. The small current is low on most bikes but quite high with some bikes where there is an alarm system. You need to make sure that your battery remains charged while in storage. Motorbikes are often used seasonally and when used after winter the battery is often flat.

Is it best to start the bike up and let it run for a couple of minutes every now and then while storing it?

You are better off charging the battery before use its better for your starter motor alternator and the battery. Keeping a lead acid battery in full storage will mean less wear and tear and longer battery life.

What maintenance is required?

We have done away with the maintainable batteries we now supply AGM valve regulated batteries because of their extra life and ultra-low maintenance. They last longer in storage scenarios, crank higher and make no mess compared to flooded types. Keeping them charged is key to life and performance.

Expectation vs reality?

If you buy a good quality battery and look after the battery it will pay for itself over and over.
We often find if you stick to quality when you have an issue, for example leave the key on or flatten the battery a few times a quality battery will recover most times and are more forgiving.
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