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Mobility Scooters & Golf Carts

Battery Tec can supply charges and batteries for your mobility scooter or golf buggy/cart. If you need batteries that will last with minimal maintenance please let us help. We can also assist with the service and fault finding for your mobility scooter or golf cart. Keep your scooter and buggies operating smoothly by contacting us today. For more information on our services and products please see below.

Our Products/Systems

  • Mobility batteries
  • Mobility battery chargers
  • Golf cart batteries for both walk behind and self-propelled models
  • AGM maintenance free traction golf cart batteries
  • Serviceable golf cart batteries
  • Golf cart in vehicle and benchtop chargers.
  • Range finder batteries

Made For

  • Traction batteries designed for reliable mobility travel

  • Quality Battery chargers designed to prolong the life of the battery
    Golf cart batteries

Our Services Include

  • System design & engineering
  • Diagnostic and Fault Finding
  • Supply & Install
  • Battery testing
  • Battery charger algorithm configuration
  • Mobility test and diagnostics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I replace the batteries myself?

Yes you can with most batteries they will have a specific charge algorithm designed to prolong the life of your batteries. We also recommend on golf carts you replace the links between the batteries unless the existing are clean and free of corrosion.

Are all batteries the same?

Absolutely not there are different chemistries and brands just as many price points. Quality batteries will last longer and pay for themselves with life and reliability.

Are chargers important?

Golf cart manufacturers create their batteries differently and design correct programs with specific algorithms that suit the plating of the battery. Delta Q Charges come with pre-set algorithms from many leading battery manufacturers that can be selected when the new batteries are installed.

How long will my batteries last?

Battery life is affected by maintenance, charging, depth of discharge, vehicle/electric motor age and frequency of use. We can design a specific “easy to apply” maintenance schedule to help achieve longer life and value for money.

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