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4WD Batteries

Battery Tec can help with all your 4WD battery needs. Enjoy touring with the comfort of a heavy-duty quality 4DW battery. We can supply and install a dual battery system to run the fridge, accessories and Anderson plug. If you need a battery system for your camper trailer or caravan that will charge while you travel please let us know. Please see below for more information.

Our Products/Systems

  • Commercial Grade Batteries
  • AGM Special Fit Batteries
  • Extreme Batteries to run competition winching
  • Deep Cycle
  • Chargers for all battery variants
  • In-Vehicle Chargers
  • Isolators
  • Dual Battery Complete Systems
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Solar Panels and kits for 4wders and off grid requirements
  • Fully customised canopy lithium battery systems

Made For

  • Ultimate reliability and performance in high temp & high vibration scenarios
  • Off grid 4WD trips
  • Commercial applications where staff need a fridge to run and not flatten the battery
  • Dual starting for when reliability is critical
  • Winching

Our Services Include

  • Sourcing batteries that meet the requirements of a hard life
  • Diagnostic and fault finding
  • Supply & Install
  • Dual battery systems and diagnostics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Aren’t all batteries the same?

Batteries vary quite dramatically and this is reflected in both life expectancy and performance.
Some batteries like the Discover ECL have element and anchor bonding technologies to assist in high vibration applications like cattle trucks up north or nut harvesting machines or shakers as they are often referred to.
Heat is another factor; some batteries have passive mixing technology which helps keep the batteries cool in the Mallee where temperatures can reach over 48 degrees Celsius.
Some batteries have a thicker plate that can handle the rigors of winching and light electrical loads often seen in four-wheel drive applications.

Any tips for maintenance?

Keep your battery charged, simply starting your battery will not keep it full. Always incorporate a quality battery charger into your maintenance schedule.

Can I hook a battery charge without disconnecting my battery from the vehicle?

Yes, but use a good quality battery charger.

How long should my auxiliary battery run my fridge for?

This question we get asked quite frequently, and many factors influence the outcome. How much driving should you do to put charge back into the battery, ambient temperature, maintenance charging frequency, solar incorporation, size and make of fridge, ambient temperature, temperature the fridge is set to and if you put warm contents into the fridge. We work with your expectations to formulate a system that will not only work well but provide trouble free reliability.
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