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Marine Batteries

Please call Battery Tec for all your marine, boating and watercraft battery needs. We can supply batteries to suit a solar system, starting batteries and backup storage systems to suit your houseboat. We also specialise in batteries to suit all your powersport marine craft such as ski boats, wake boats and jet skis.

Our Products/Systems

  • AGM deep cycle

  • AGM starting

  • Marine dual-purpose starting batteries

  • Solar batteries

  • Large AGM dual purpose for offshore applications

  • Powersports

Made For

  • Deep cycle for trolling motors and fridges

  • High performance batteries for ski wake boats

  • Advanced energy for offshore boating

  • Small systems for kayaks and canoes

  • Jet Ski and Powersport Batteries

Our Services Include

  • System design
  • Diagnostic and Fault Finding
  • Supply & Install

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What battery do I need?

Batteries are application specific and can even draw from two applications. To avoid confusion please talk to our staff so we can best determine what battery will best suit your requirements for performance and longevity.

How long will my battery last?

Generally marine batteries last longer as they don’t get the heat as much as an under-bonnet battery. They do however often get forgotten and not maintenance charged this dramatically affects the life of the battery. Factors that will most effect longevity is maintenance, as explained below.

What maintenance is required?

Boat batteries sit around a lot in winter and are often forgotten about until the weather warms up but in order to maintain life and performance regular charging is required.

Simply starting the motor and letting it run for 5 mins WILL NOT suffice. Charging it regularly with a good quality battery charger dramatically improves performance and life. Cleaning terminals and brushing dull connections also help.
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