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Battery Tec can supply batteries for all your house boat and boating needs. We can design and install an on-board storage battery system along with solar panels for your house or touring boat. We have many types of batteries and we are happy to liaise with you to find the right solution. We can also cater for all your starting batteries or small systems to run your fridge and radio. Please see below for more information and products.

Our Products/Systems

  • Solar systems
  • Inverters
  • Chargers
  • Solar regulators
  • Solar panels
  • Solar batteries
  • Lithium
  • AGM
  • Gel
  • Flooded
  • Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Start batteries for outboard motors and generators
  • Battery Monitors

Products Made For

  • Inverters for turning your nominal DC voltage to AC 240v
  • Chargers for charging your batteries when connected to shore power
  • Solar regulators for maximising the sun’s potential from your PV Modules
  • A wide range of solar panels suitable for many different systems
  • We deal with many chemistries of batteries from lithium to lead acid
  • We provide reliable start batteries for out-board motors and generators
  • Off grid living

Our Services Include

  • System design & engineering
  • Diagnostic and Fault Finding
  • Supply & Install

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What size system do I need?

This depends on the loads or appliances you want to run and how regularly. The pitch of surface you want to mount panels, direction, budget and where you are located. Many factors are carefully considered when sizing a system so please talk to our staff for a carefully considered approach.

How long will my system last?

Systems can be designed to last up to 10 years but upfront costs and value for money should be considered. For example batteries have a DOD (depth of discharge) the less the battery is discharged the longer it lasts, if you double the amount of batteries increasing the system capacity they will not discharge as deep therefore increasing the life of the battery array but the upfront cost is much higher and the system value point might be better running fewer batteries at a deeper discharge rate. Also, inverters for example have a limited life span these need to be considered. Consider quality components also lithium battery options are available.

What maintenance is required?

Every system is different we can design a schedule according to the manufacturers specifications and requirements. Generally these are easily preformed and do not take too much of your time.

Expectation vs reality?

One of our main focuses is taking on your expectations or how you perceive your system should work and working through the many factors which effect system performance. Systems are often over sold and people feel they have been let down. 5kw of solar does not mean 5kw of provided energy every hour because factors like heat, cloud shading and inverting effect the performance of the system and should be factored into the system where possible, while ensuring the customer is aware of these factors.
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