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At Battery Tec we see caravans of every make, model, age and size. From off grid and stationary caravans to the roaming nomad ready to cross the Nullarbor. We can advise the best battery, solar and charging device combination required to suit your needs.

Our Products/Systems

  • Batteries
  • Solar
  • Inverters
  • Chargers

Made For

  • Camper Trailers
  • Caravans
  • Large RV & Motorhomes

Our Services Include

  • System Designs
  • Diagnostic and Fault Finding

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What system do I need?

System requirements will be based on energy consumption, free camping-length of time away from shore power, expectations, seasonality, budget, available roof space for solar and types of loads you would like to run.

What batteries do I need?

Batteries vary on price, quality and projected life cycles. Points to consider are cheapest is more often the most expensive option in the long run and in more and more cases short term. How deep you are discharging the batteries and how often, the battery location and temperature of location are all critical factors in what battery is most suitable. Applications may be similar but how a person uses and maintains the system is where variations can occur.

How do I look after my system in storage?

Keep the battery charged when in storage, More and more we are finding entry level battery chargers effecting life of batteries. A quality battery charger will prolong the life of a battery
Battery depth of discharge? Depth of discharge depends on a few factors how often you discharge a battery, length of time between a full recharge.
Often people talk about bang for buck with DOD AT AROUND 50% for example a 100ah AGM battery discharged to 50% will give you around 700-900 cycles if you discharge that battery deeper you will get 300-400 cycles at 80% DOD @ 25 deg c. Quality of build goes a long way with potential life expectancy as battery life cycles change dramatically at increased temperatures.
How long can I go of grid for? You can realistically set up your system to be autonomous but there are limits to this - roof space for solar, tow weight of vehicle ( this can be overcome with lithium ) your budget and what appliances you would like to run.
We can work out a system designed for your needs. You may only free camp for 1-2 days at a time so we can determine what you consider essential during this period before you fully recharge your batteries back in a park on shore power.
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