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Automotive Batteries

Battery Tec has a large range of automotive batteries to suit almost any vehicle. We service a huge range of clients with batteries for the general consumer, classic car restorer, racing industry and the commercial sector. If you need a reliable and affordable battery, please let us know.

Our Products/Systems

  • Affordable batteries
  • Premium batteries
  • Stop start batteries
  • AGM Racing
  • High end BMW and Mercedes
  • Special fit
  • Chargers and maintainers for all battery variants

Made For

  • Racing
  • Classic Cars
  • Prestige Cars
  • Daily Drivers
  • Commercial
  • Taxis
  • Stop Start Systems
  • Hybrid Vehicles
  • Custom Builds

Our Services Include

  • Finding the right battery to suit your requirements
  • Diagnostic and Fault Finding
  • Supply & Install
  • Charging and testing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long will my battery last for?

On average a battery will last 4 years this can increase or decrease depending on quality of the battery supplied and dramatically lower if it is the wrong battery installed into your vehicle.

How should I maintain my car battery while in storage?

The best way is to purchase a high-quality charger/maintainer and charge it on a regular basis.

Will starting and running my car for 5 minutes work?

The best way to prolong life of the battery is to charge it fully from a battery charger. If you start the car for five minutes you are generally not replacing the energy that has been consumed in standby. It is also better for your starter motor and alternator if the battery is fully charged from the get-go.

My battery goes flat in a week is there something wrong with my battery?

Parasitic current draw and ever-increasing computer standby current means your battery will go flat quicker than it has in previous vehicles. Lock your vehicle even in a locked garage this shuts down the computer and maintenance charge periodically even if it’s a daily driver.
Until new vehicles are supplied with their own charger/maintainer, maintenance charging is almost always required; especially in vehicles that do limited kms throughout the year.

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